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Exhibition Freighting G.S.M. 


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The exciting team of EF-GSM SA are here to provide a good experience for our exhibitors. Through our knowledge, we are able to free the frustrations of managing the logistics of exhibits for events.

Whether for conferences, exhibitions, product launches or demonstrations, we’ll take care of your shipping & transport requirements, leaving you time to present your products & services.

We are a preferred supplier to the CTICC, ICC Durban & more recently the Century City Conference Centre.
The Exhibition & Conference Industry, especially in South Africa, continues to develop at a rapid pace and moves towards new frontiers. New territories bring new events and focus to an exciting industry sector.
With the flexibility to react to market developments in new areas, confidence in EF-GSM has grown to new heights. This is reinforced by our appointments as preferred contractors to many other trade and consumer events, both locally and abroad.
For further information on an Event you are participating in, please contact us for shipping information. You can also click on the Contact us & complete the Form.


Exhibition Freighting G.S.M. has now fully distinguished itself as a major player in the exhibition freight forwarding arena, both locally and abroad.


The South African office based in Cape Town, works with a network of agents and contractors at all venues in major towns and cities throughout South Africa.


This, coupled with our representatives in Kent, United Kingdom, allows us the freedom of movement throughout Europe, and in fact the world.


We are only fifteen minutes away from the CTICC, who has already achieved worldwide status in its design and functions as a world-class conference and exhibition venue, and the newly built Century City Conference Centre, only 10 minutes away.


With Cape Town being the destination to be, we are proud to be associated with the new growth taking place around the Cape, and we trust that your event will be a memorable occasion.

The Concept of a Professional Freight Forwarder

How we work

Having introduced our company to you, we aim to demonstrate in the following sections how our services will be employed for an event, and how they will benefit you, the organiser, of such an important event.

"Sole appointment" describes the decision by the organiser to appoint us, EF-gsm to manage their exhibitors freight logistics. To provide this important service, the exhibitor list of exhibitors is sent to one freight company to co-ordinate the successful and timely import/export of both the local &/or international exhibitors.  

The NRCS (National Regulatory Council of SA) has now advised, that should shipments arrive in SA addressed to EF-gsm / Venue, and we do not have the Exhibitor contact details, or correspondence with them, then the cargo is "not" known to us, and we are obliged to refuse the shipment for further customs procedures & entry into South Africa.

We would require the following:

  • the name of the event, the venue, and the dates of the event

  • an exhibitor list, with

    • company name, contact person

    • telephone number, fax number, email address

Upon which we will make contact with your exhibitors, and advise them of our appointment, and also advise our foreign office details in their country. Our foreign office would then approach them & offer our joint professional services. Through this method of networking, we will secure most of the freight that will be arriving for the event, and be able to offer competitive tariffs.

Although the Exhibitor is free to use the Agent of his choice, to transport his goods to the show, please bear in mind that the South African regulations require the Consignee / Company receiving the goods, to be a Registered Importer, of which the Agents are not.

Our Services Includes:
  1. being a registered Importer

  2. the import bond facility for the event

  3. freight scheduling & control of cargo through ports / airports of country

  4. thereby providing quick release of cargo to us

  5. the exhibitor does not have to deal with third parties.

  6. the exhibitor is quoted for a door to stand service, i.e. a turnkey operation.  

  7. our rates are kept within market related prices that are recognised & accepted throughout the world.

The added benefits to the Organiser:
  1. The exhibition freight forwarder assists the organiser in the easy move in/move out. 

  2. Provides single source responsibility

  3. Working with closely with traffic, all deliveries can be actioned quickly and unhindered.

  4. Providing the storage for both “access” & empty cases

  5. The freight forwarder is on site through the tenancy to receive, track, advise & co-ordinate

  6. A reliable, experienced & professional team performs the work on-site.

The benefits to the local Community
  1. The exhibition freight forwarder also ensures that the crews that are contracted to us, to perform the on-site function, are a mixture of skilled and unskilled, thus empowering the local community, and the individual within his or her region.

  2. The exhibition freight forwarder also understands that during the build up and break down to an exhibition, work cannot come to a standstill, and can work the crews around an 8 hour shift, within the Terms of Employment & the Health & Safety Regulations, especially, with the view that at times we work with heavy machinery and equipment.

  3. The crews have various responsibilities, depending on the work at hand, therefore on-site training happens at the show site, as the situations arise.


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