Project Manager

Thula has more than 5 years' experience in the shipping industry and in special projects. He has worked in various capacities - including supervisor and logistics planning operations.

Thula joined EF-GSM in 2018, he has been actively involved in number of different settings, including representing company to new & existing clients. He brings a real experience of working under pressure, as he has worked in Marine operations with ever changing eta’s & rescheduling of services.

He comfortable took on a Project Manager role, where runs a crucial stage of our core service (On-site services) where he manages & overseas logistics & on site projects, this can involve costing & hiring of special handling equipment, managing and hiring & placing of special teams, coordinating & scheduling of a timely delivery of shipments to site and of course ensuring that projects run within allocated budget and reports on every project. His knowledge of combining special teams and a hands-on attitude has resulted in building a good supplier-customer relationships and trust.

+27 21 552 7248